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Johnson Mortgage

If you are looking to purchase a home or buy an investment property, Johnson Mortgage can bring an end to your search. This site is designed to provide access and support to those who are in the market for real estate all over the country. You can be connected to our large network of lending partners who will work with you to get a property loan or mortgage. Through this site you can compare loan offers from trustworthy and reputable local and national lenders taking advantage of benefits that include:

  • Compare offers from national lenders: You won't have to rely on the word of a single lender who may have their own agenda for getting you a loan and can instead compare offers side-by-side.
  • One simple form: rather than filling out dozens of forms before you get so much as a life insurance rate to look at, here at Johnson Mortgage you can submit a few bits of information and receive viable quotes immediately.
  • Speak with expert consultants: As soon as you get the information on the lenders you want to compare you can call and speak with them for specifics on the loans they offer. They can give you advice, answer your questions and put you at ease about the mortgage process.
  • The power of competition: Rather than being railroaded into a single offer without knowing what's out there, you will have several offers at your fingertips and can use that information to find the mortgage that is best for you and possibly negotiate a better rate.
  • Get offers on various loan types: You don't have to settle for a standard conventional loan, either. You can receive information on various loan options including:
    • Conventional loans which are your straight, 15 to 30 year loans for purchasing a home or property either for living or for investment.
    • Fixed-Rate or Adjustable - Rate Loans depending on your financial situation and investment strategy, you may want to choose the fixed rate loan or a loan whose adjustment rate is tied to certain market indicators.
    • Refinances if you already have a mortgage on a home or property and you are dissatisfied with it for whatever reason, Johnson Mortgage can help you refinance to better terms.
    • Home Equity Loans which can provide you with a lump sum amount of money based on the equity in your home or property
    • Hybrid Loans that can change between fixed and adjustable rate loans under the right circumstances
    • Reverse Mortgages usually used by seniors which allows you to draw money directly out of the equity in your home.

You can lay your worries and second-thoughts to rest with JohnsonMortgage.com and take the first step to the mortgage of your dreams. Get many offers to compare side-by-side for the home mortgage, refinance or property loan of your dreams. Furthermore this site can provide you with valuable information to help you in shopping for your mortgage, choosing the one that is right for you, and knowing what common mistakes to avoid.

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